Government documents

Government meetings:

As a general rule, the Government assembles once a week at its regular meeting. The Prime Minister organizes the Government’s activities, manages its meetings, acts in its name and performs other activities entrusted to him by the Constitution or other laws. The Prime Minister convenes a Government meeting by sending the agenda, with a specification of the date and place of the meeting, to all members of the Government. In his absence, he is represented by a Deputy Prime Minister or by a delegated Minister. The Government adopts decisions by way of Government Resolutions further to written material presented by a member of the Government or, under exceptional circumstances, further to oral information in urgent cases. A Government Resolution requires the approval of an absolute majority of all members of the Government and is binding upon all members, Ministries and other state administration authorities. Government meetings are held in camera and written minutes of them are taken which, together with the Government Resolutions adopted, are subsequently posted on the website of the Office of the Government.

Classification of documents:

Government meeting agendas (including addenda and notices), Government meeting minutes and Government Resolutions (including annexes) are classified by year and date of the Government meeting. Clicking on a year from the horizontal menu will display a list of Government meetings held in that year, ordered by the date on which they were held. Clicking on a selected date will display a list of documents relating to the meeting held on that date, i.e. the agenda and minutes of the Government meeting and any Government Resolutions adopted. Clicking on the date again returns the user to the overview of meetings.

eVláda and eKLEP – electronic libraries run by the Office of the Government:

The electronic libraries operated by the Office of the Government, i.e. eVláda (Electronic Library of Government Documents), containing documents intended for Government meetings, and eKLEP (an electronic library embracing the legislative process, instrumental in the circulation of documents among central state administration authorities, Parliament and the President of the Republic), can be accessed at Government Activities – ODOK.